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as unique as you are.

Your genetics are only part of your story.

You were born with a unique genetic code (DNA) which was handed down from your parents. However, you’ve also lived a life filled with lifestyle choices and environmental factors that all play a role in developing your over-all health and wellness story.


Our science

Epigenetics is the study of gene expression modified by biological and environmental conditions. Unlike genetics, which remain fixed throughout your lifetime, the epigenome can change based on a person’s environmental and lifestyle factors such as air pollution, sun exposure, sleep, diet, exercise and tobacco use.

Your saliva

Our simple, home-based saliva sample kit is all you will need to send your saliva sample to the lab to be analyzed. To ensure that you get accurate results, we work with really smart molecular biologists and machine learning scientists in industry-leading laboratories.


Your longevity. Backed by science.

Our scientists review your unique epigenetic signatures and prepare a custom longevity report to reveal your Epigenetic Age. By evaluating your epigenetic age, you can determine if you are aging faster or slower than the average person with your chronological age.


Your Longevity Report is the first step to understanding how your lifestyle and environment are impacting your longevity. By understanding your epigenetics, you are able to make changes that tell your genes how to behave. This can improve your overall health and wellness and extend your quality of life.