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Your genes create you

Your epigenetics make you

Learn how the science of epigenetics
can get you a life insurance rate unique to you.

Let's start by understanding
Genetics (Nature)

Genetics is the study of your biological
code called DNA. It deals with the physical and
behavioral coded characteristics, including
medical conditions that you inherit from your
parents. Your genetic code is a permanent set
of biological instructions that do not change
throughout your lifetime. For example: race,
gender, hair and eye color, etc.

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We study how your DNA is expressed. Lifestyle choices and environmental factors affect what your genes do. Epigenetics causes segments of your DNA to turn on or off, resulting in changes to the way cells “read” genes. Epigenetics is a dynamic changing aspect of your biology that is reacting to lifestyle choices such as diet, exercise, tobacco or alcohol use.

How does

Epigenetics work?


“EPI” means on-top-of, or around, so epigenetics is the study of what is happening on-top-of, or around, your genes. Epigenetics explains that the reason your muscles become fit and toned from exercise is because chemical tags (called “methylation” or “markers”) attach to specific locations on top of your DNA to instruct your muscles to become sharp and toned. The opposite is true if you eat poorly and do not exercise—you may gain weight. Thus, what you eat, how much you exercise, what lifestyle choices you make, all result in chemical modifications around your genes that make up who you are today.[1]

[1] https://www.whatisepigenetics.com/what-is-epigenetics/

Why use epigenetics
to get life insurance?

You can get the best rates and the most tailored life insurance product by using the most advanced science, which allows us to create life insurance rates unique to you.

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How does

Epigenetic testing work?

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