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Make it molecular.

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This January, apply for life insurance at the YouSurance PopUp Store in Minneapolis, and get the following free gifts to help you with your health and wellness journey:


Fitness Tracker

Reach your health and wellness goals even sooner by tracking your progress:

  • Diet - Make sure your calorie count stays within your limit

  • Exercise - See how many calories you’re actually burning

  • Sleep - Find out if you’re getting enough restful sleep each night

  • Stress - Learn how to actively manage your stress


Health & Wellness Score

Your Score is a simple snapshot of your current health and wellness. If your Score’s not what you expected, not to worry! It will improve as you take steps to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Health & Wellness Report

Stop guessing and use science to achieve your health and wellness goals. Your Health & Wellness Report includes tips and tools to help you make better lifestyle choices with:

  • Diet - Learn which types of foods are beneficial
  • Exercise - Find out which exercises are ideal for reaching optimal health
  • Lifestyle - Learn about lifestyle changes you can make to improve your health
  • Supplements - Get recommendations on which supplements can increase health and well-being
  • Testing - See which medical tests can give you additional insights to help you make more informed choices

Biological Age Assessment

Have you ever felt older or younger than you actually are? This is because your body ages faster or slower depending on your genetics, lifestyle, and environment. Learn how old your body currently is to get an idea of changes you could make to live a longer, healthier life.

PLUS! Get a personalized life insurance policy that meets your needs and empowers you to be there for the people and causes you care about the most.

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WHAT: YouSurance PopUp Store

WHEN: Starting January 14, 2019

WHERE: US Bank Plaza 200 South 6th St

Suite #260,

Minneapolis, MN 55402

Located in the Minneapolis Skyway between US Bank Plaza and Capella Tower

WHY: Discover your true Biological Age and use advanced biotechnology to learn how stress, diet, and exercise are affecting your health and wellness. Plus, share your story with us to get a Fitness Tracker, and get a Health & Wellness Report & Score when you apply for life insurance through YouSurance.