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YouSurance™ is using the science of epigenetics to better understand longevity in the life insurance industry. We believe that epigenetics could be the way future generations purchase life insurance.

What is Epigenetics


Lifestyle and Environment

Things like air pollution, stress levels, the amount of sleep you are getting, diet and exercise also greatly affect your health and well-being. This is something we hear often; however, it has been difficult to quantify their effects or know how it translates into our biological well-being. The answer: Epigenetics

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The study of gene expression modified by biological and environmental conditions. Unlike genetics, which remain fixed throughout your lifetime, the epigenome can change based on a person’s environmental and lifestyle factors such as air pollution, sun exposure, sleep, diet, exercise and tobacco use.

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Your Genetics + your lifestyle and environment = Epigenetics. Your lifestyle and environment create bio-markers called methyl groups that attach to your DNA. You can’t change your genetics, but the good news is that epigenetic bio-markers CAN change, which allows you to track your health and well-being, take action & monitor your improvement over time.

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Get life insurance and support the STEM fields. We invest a portion of premiums into furthering scientific discovery in epigenetics. As new findings are provided, you’ll be among the first to know.

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