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YouSurance is seeking to bring step change technology to the life insurance industry using the advanced science of epigenetics.

This is next generation life insurance.

What is Epigenetics?

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Our Product

The Insurance

YouSurance is changing up the game of life insurance as we have known it for a hundred years. Our goal is to deliver Fast, Accurate and Affordable life insurance to you through science and technology. We are looking to work with the most progressive life insurance carriers to get you the best rates based on the most advanced science.

The Science

YouSurance is working to understand human longevity and personal health and wellness using the advanced science of epigenetics. Our science is based on the work of one of the world’s leading experts in the field, and when you work with us to get your policy you will get a science-powered bonus – a personalized Longevity Report that details your epigenetic age, empowering you to make healthy choices for a longer life.

Basically, you spit in a tube and we’ll unlock your future. We are working with leading life insurance companies to give you better, more personalized life insurance options.

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Why YouSurance Matters


YouSurance seeks to make things easier by allowing you to get your life insurance without the need of visiting a doctor or having blood drawn. This is our goal and we believe our science can get there.


YouSurance promises to be the first company to develop life insurance that is as unique as you are. The goal of our science is to allow you to pay for you and only you – in terms of your personal health and wellness.

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